ARTIST STATEMENT “color, unification and diversity”

“The basic tenet of the mystical world view, regardless of Cultural or Doctrinal background, is that the multitude of things which we experience as distinct and real are but manifestations of the Absolute (undifferentiated reality) – that there is an underlying unity amid the seeming diversity of existence. It is only the individual, subjective mind – the Consciousness informed by the senses – that fragmentizes the world…Rational intellect, though it has a vital function in terms of biological survival, is inherently incapable of comprehending the unified nature of reality. It is therefore unable to deal with Humanity’s spiritual, psychological, and religious needs, all of which demand a deeper understanding of the true nature of things (Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Science and the Metaphysics of Consciousness)”.

In my latest series, entitled “OPEN”, I seek to address the unified diversity of the existence of all things within the Human being. The elements of Being-ness are represented by the spectrum of light. The spectrum of light and color is a language that evokes an internal response rooted in the innate memory of our ‘Being’,  causing change in mood, feelings, behavior, and in the processing of stimuli within our environment.  Biopsychophysiological changes take place as we absorb and process color,  this process  happens  regardless of our individual skin color .  This, I would dare to say, is because we are reflections of light and color ourselves and so we feel color.  Color causes a response:  joyfulness, sadness, peace, love, hunger, danger, anger, the list goes on (you have probably already made color associations to the words I just listed).  And that feeling we get when we experience color through the eye, registered by the brain, and subsequently filtered throughout our bodies is the true nature of language.  It doesn’t matter what race you are, from what country, of what complexion, or what language you speak, we all feel color, and so, this is how i choose to communicate to the viewer.

The continual interactions of related processes which are in turn manifestations of the unified, holistic system we call reality (Motoyama, 23),  are all mimicked within the body and in turn projected from that body into the surrounding environment, subsequently to the world, and ultimately to the Universe.  Some people call this movement- Chakras or energy wheels: the ebb and flow of energy throughout the body of a living system of functions.  You become what you think about and this energy of your being is projected to the environment around you and reflected back to you like a mirror.  ‘I think, therefore I am’. ‘To be or not to be’. Create, destroy, rebuild, repeat. That’s Life.  From our mentality, to our bodily functions, our respiratory system, our digestive system,  our reproductive system, our balance and our stability, parts of a whole, unified and differentiated functions and systems.  It is further repeated throughout the nature and environment of functions and processes of our planet, the trees and vegetation, oxygen and air and  the bodies of water, and rare earths, all manipulated by the Moon and Sun , gravity and temperature (I would further assert that all of the planets in our solar system play a role in the biopsychophysiological well being of the earth), without which would nullify the existence of the Human Being.  All of these functions completely unique in and of themselves but when working as a system become the sum of their parts in an awesome projection of life as we know it. Much like color and light, the human being, the human projection, and the nature of the planet are a beautiful chaos of unified and differentiated splendor. All parts of a whole. The sum equalling its parts.

Like a violinist or a symphony,  A master violinist can make the listener feel like their insides are swelling or bring on tears of joy at the beauty vibrating through sound. Adversely, an inexperienced violinist will make you feel what many may categorize as a ‘painful’ experience. This experience is similar and intensified when listening to the beauty of a synchronized symphony or a symphony that is completely unsynchronized as many different musicians may be playing out of sync. Unified, the diverse spectrum of light which allows us to experience color can be pleasant or unpleasant, stimulating or overstimulating,  causing comfort or discomfort and ultimately mental peace or mental anguish.

The key is Harmony, balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, adjustments, effects, the list goes on, and when some ‘thing’ becomes off balance or is unbelievably synchronistic we become more aware of its existence. This awareness leads to many possibilities. Unified diversity, like color, like the human Be ing, the Human experience, and the planet,  one is comprised of many levels, layers, exposures, vibrations, intensities and more. We experience our lives separately but we all experience the same Life cycle, holding a tiny speck of a spot on this planet. We are but one pixel in the spectrum of colors unified by the spectrum of light.  Like a rainbow, we are a diverse group of beings, of all blends of colors, shades and intensities of the spectrum of light and each part has a function in the system,  called the Whole.  Some call it Source, The Absolute,  God, The Architect,  Allah,  King of Kings, King of the Jews, The Trinity, The Mother, Nature, 1, 0,  etc…

We are the sum of our parts.  We are uniquely different but when one dissects the nature of things you’ll find that Be-ing-ness has a foundation that lies in the contemplation of sameness. If you are purple and i am blue and she is red, we are all pretty cool…but you get all the colors together at the same time in the same place and you get a magnificent show of spectrums of light called a rainbow.

Through my work, the natural appearing meat bag body that the human being is so accustomed to seeing and identifying with a “race” of people is not my focus here. Rather my hope is that the viewer will witness the vibrations, mixtures, and intensity of color and line that I use to illustrate the conditions of ‘mind’ ‘ thought’ energy and the interactions of processes within a Being taking up space in time. We are born, we live, some of us make babies, and then we die, and if we are lucky enough to be artfully intoxicated by existence long enough to cause reflection or contemplation, we see ourselves in the mirror, and we realize we need balance. We won,  if we one.   Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only manipulated, its a continuous flow of  movement, but does not disappear, it goes through a process called “change” and there is no escaping ‘it’.    “It” is in fact what “It” is.  As within so without, As Above so below.  Unified diversity is simply different refractions and reflections of being- ness in space and time, like the colors of a rainbow.

If you are a living being I can assure you that no matter what color your meat bag body is, you were born, you engage in interconnected process, and you will die just like everyone else. You are a reflection of light…projected, we all are…we all “Be“….and to the magnificent spectrum of light we shall return.

E=MC2                                                                            3.14                                   (- +) 0

Mind Control w/in w/out    [Y]                          On Blast                                 01

I and I                  [I]                                                     Its all connected  [O]          10

[AE] IOU /building blocks                                 The SELF                                  01 

Build, Destroy    [U]                                                On Repeat              0=1&1&1

[IOU]                                                                               Infinitely                        01010..

I BE                                                                                    I AM                               10  [12]


1,i                                        and                                    1,i         [=] [#2]              111or0

=                                      Balance                                                  [II]

1                                                2                                                                                          3                                                                               

   A               E                   I                   O                          U       sometimes              Y    

       IMG_0383                            IMG_0385         IMG_0382                          IMG_0384                                

I                                                                              AM                                        LOVE

LOVE                                                                                NAMBYA

Mixed Media Artist