“Actions and reactions in the physical arena set energy into motion, forming our experiences and revealing in the process the lessons that the Soul has yet to learn.” – Gary Zukav

Nambya Tanks can be found where her heart is – at home with her family in Montclair, NJ. This mixed media artist is a walking billboard of creative expression; her panache is captured both on and off the canvas. Her spirit is bold, rich and engaging and her pieces follow suit, connecting with your soul.

imageAfter graduating Montclair Highschool, Nambya went on to study art at The College of New Jersey. She drew her inspiration from the elements, nature, society and the artists Gustav Klimpt and Frida Khalo (though the list goes on). While developing her style she learned that observing the simplicity of life, experiences, nature, pain and Love lead to beautiful growth and awesome creation; this confidence blossomed over into her work. While Studying for her BFA she received the Faculty Commendation Award for original fashion design in 1999 for her Student Exhibition. After completing her degree she went on to work as an Art Teacher at Team Academy through 2011.

Not limiting herself to wall art, in 2005 Nambya began refinishing pieces of salvaged furniture and ‘up-cycling’ discarded items for new uses. Her latest series, aptly titled *Open*, depicts in various forms the spiritual journeys we take confined to our human bodies.

imageNambya is currently a full-time freelance artist, taking time away from a traditional ‘9-5’ to build out her body of work and instill her joy for life, freedom and love into her two boys, Caelib and Teagan. She is also working on a line of clothing in partnership with her sister called ‘Trajic Mulatto’.

Past murals, exhibits/ installations include: Artwalk 2014;  Art Factory Holiday Art Show 2014; Holiday Wine Tasting and Artshow 2014; Irish American Club, 2010 & 2011 Fundraiser; Gallery U, 2009, 2011; The College of New Jersey (alumni show), 2004; Café Ole, 2003; 125 Gallery, 2003; Ellarslie (New Jersey State Museum), 2002; MTAACC, 2002; Meikel Andrade Scholarship Fund, 2002 .



Mixed Media Artist