“dissection” – “the man behind the curtain”

“OPEN” series] Life Cycles. Be-ing-ness. Elements. Planets. Uni-Verse. Through the embers of the fire. From the depths of the sea. Positive/Negative. Energy. Vibrations. Building Blocks. AEIOU sometimes Y (find Y). Jacobs ladder. The Light. Jacks Beanstalk. Proverbial Snake. Crown. All seeing eye. Bliss/Unicorns. Somewhere Over the rainbow. Kingdom. Angels. Gates. Brain waves. Wormhole. Amplifiers. DJ on the 1’s and 2’s, spinning the beat to which they move (The Man behind the curtain) is (YOU) “IT” is what “IT” is. To “BE” or not to “BE”.
Acrylic on Canvas. 24″/36″