Detail from “Oh Mother” …and He said to her, “Look at this Heart which has loved people so much, and yet, they do not want to love me in return”.
Khamsa. Chamsa. Hamsa. Hamesh. Sacred Heart. Rose thorns. Eternal flame. All seeing Eye.
The Hamsa means 5, The 5 senses to Praise God.
The transformative Power of Divine Love.
“His” burning love for us and his desire that we love “HIM” in return.
Divine Love For Humanty.
Sacred Heart and eternal flame.
Purifying fire of God in which ‘Man’ is purified. Fire of eternal Love.
Crown of thorns around the heart, the suffering which was endured for the love of ‘Man’ to redeem him. Cut in the heart is that made by the lance that was thrust through “HIS” heart when “HE” was on the cross.
Thorns from “The Garden”, new life.
The Hand of Miriam. The Hand of Fatima.
Protection against the evil eye/Jealousy and Envy.
Giver of, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity.